Quality Management System Policy

Meccanica Prealpina vision is to become the Best Customers’ partner for technical consulting.

In order to pursue this vision, Meccanica Prealpina has defined its mission as follow:

Adding value for Customers, bringing know how and a strong network in the supply chain in order to improve and maximize the service to its Customers.

According to this mission the Administrator has defined a strategy based on critical success factors identifi- cation and management within a directional cockpit driven by four main perspectives:

  • Financial
  • Customer
  • Processes
  • Competences

This policy, in order to define the strategic guidelines, considers these perspectives in an integrated frame- work:

Reaching the financial goals set by the shareholders, through the full Customer and Other Stake- holders satisfaction with the processes continuous improvement performed by qualified and moti- vated resources.

Considering the context factors in which the organization works and the main stakeholders requirements, promoting a risks and opportunities based approach, the Managing Director has decided to develop the above mentioned strategy, through the following guidelines:

Increase and qualify staff skills
Increase SW and HW infrastructure and requalify the building
Create external partnership in order to offer the Customer a complete service

The management system maintenance and improvement are necessary in order to reach these goals.

The Administrator has identified in the System Management Review the way to analyze and update the organization strategy with reference to the success critical factors and the context and the related risks and opportunities evolution.

The policy considers as a fundamental part of the management system the Customers and other main Stakeholders’ satisfaction, the Environment and Employees Health and Safety protection, for which the Administrator subscribes his own commitment towards the total legal applicable requirements respect.

All necessary strengths to reach these goals are assigned to the Quality Manager which reports directly to the Administrator. The management system is supported by the Strategic Team, composed by all process owners in order to promote, check and standardize the policy goals achievements.

Samarate (VA), 10 Febbraio 2023
Paolo Macchi