Our history

Our history.

Meccanica Prealpina srl ​​was founded in the spring of 2003 as a fusion of two individual technical studies.

The skills that these bring are transversal in the fields of automation and machine tools, especially for vertical lathes of different sizes and automation in small and electromechanical components.

Meccanica Prealpina srl ​​therefore goes in the direction of satisfying customer requests regarding the need to move from projects only to the realization of turnkey finished systems.

In the following years the productive activities remain however contained and many applications are "special" with very particular research and development solutions.

The economic crisis in the sector in 2008 leads management to resume machine design activities with the awareness and skills of a builder with a new approach.

Meccanica Prealpina srl ​​today carries out 90% of its activities in the engineering sector. The collaborations are transversal in the most disparate sectors from the thermoplastic to the steel industry, from food to intralogistics, from pharmaceuticals to machine tools.

This wide range of activities allows our work group to approach the problems of customers with great flexibility and ability to adapt to the most diverse contexts.

Collaborations with our customers are diversified according to their needs and from simple file conversion activities, to the implementation of R&D activities aimed at proposing integrated solutions.

The activity is carried out at our offices in S. Macario di Samarate and Tornavento in Lonate Pozzolo, or at the same clients based on needs with on-site collaboration periods that vary depending on the project.